Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Airserv-LGB contracts with THM International for management consulting

THM to provide Airserv-LGB accounting and marketing services



August 1, 2013 – Fort Worth, TX – THM International, Airline and Revenue Management Consulting, has agreed to terms with Airserv-LGB to provide accounting and marketing services.

Airserv-LGB, based at Long Beach Airport, CA, specializes in airline ground support and has provided quality service for over 40 years. Airserv has served US Presidents, Vice Presidents, The Queen of England, college and pro sports teams, major airlines, to air taxi operations.

“With their wide scope of operations, we feel we can provide the necessary support for Airserv-LGB to continue their success,” said Thomas Martin, President of THM International. “Our goal for Airserv-LGB is for them to maximize their opportunities for success.”

THM International provides consulting for airlines and companies supporting the air transportation industry. For additional information regarding our company, please contact us at: or visit our website: .

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